Funk Das Licht!

The story so far..

It all started in winter 2001, when Tim and I still went to school and were ice-skating in our PE classes at HTBL Pinkafeld. It just happened that stadium speakers played Karel Gott's Fang das Licht, a song which we remembered from our childhood. Of course, we were also programming at school...

2001-12-07: Funk Das Licht!

In our first semester, still struggling with the old, blue-ish IDE of Borland C++ 3.01, we were introduced to the Console I/O library, or conio.h. Based on this, I started playing around with some very basic game, just testing keyboard input (cursor control) and console output. The game basically involved the player character and some strange item that has to be chased around the screen. There just had to be a name for that stupid game! So, Funk das Licht! was born, coded on one afternoon in December 2001.


As with all the early Funk Das Licht! episodes, I can't find the source code to the game, and the only binary I have of this first episode seems to be compiled for Win32 only - you might try with an old version of Windows or with Wine - won't work with pure DOS.

Anyway, if you want to get your hands on this very early, very first incarnation of Funk Das Licht!, here's the executable: (28kb)

2001-12-21: Funk Das Licht! 2: Timbo's Adventure

After the original Funk Das Licht! has been released, I've started to improve it massively, one reason for this was a programming challenge that was to be held for Christmas 2001 in our programming course. Other competing games were Grak Attack (main menu, gameplay) by Ch. Hochwarter and Space Crash (main menu, gameplay) by C. Schrammel. But most of my afternoons in December 2001 have been with improving (and playing!) Funk Das Licht!. There have been a lot of additions to the original codebase:

Yes, Funk Das Licht! 2 has really been the zenith of gameplay in 2001 and for years to come. With only about three weeks development time from the original Funk Das Licht! episode, this game really shows off what one can do with too much free time on his hands. Oddly enough, due to a wrongly-attached floppy cable, the floppy with the source code to Timbo's Adventure got lost on the christmas weekend 2001. I still have the floppy lying around, and partial code recovery has been possible, but still no luck restoring the full source code of this great game. There is, however, the final binary release in a nice DOS executable, ready to be played with a real MS-DOS installation or an emulator, like DOSBox.


You can get your copy of Funk Das Licht! 2: Timbo's Adventure here: (28kb)

I've also dug out an earlier build, dated 2001-12-15 of the game, which is missing some of the features/animations of the final version: (16kb)


I've recently made some screen shots in DOSBox, so if you can't get it running or just want to have a short look, you can see for yourself here:

More Funk Das Licht!

These two rare pieces of Funk Das Licht! history have been the start of a series of other Funk Das Licht! episodes. Now, five years after the first incarnation, it is still an enjoyable game that can give you several minutes (or even hours) of continued funk!

The Funk Das Licht! series continued in 2002 with the release of Funk Das Licht! 2002: Timbo's Revenge.

Thomas Perl · 2007-07-09