Other things that happened in 2005


Playlist of Aika Surround, playing at FM4 in the Mix on February 29th 2004. She played quite a bunch of tracks from Joy Ride Riddim, but of course there are also many other tracks in her mix.


An experimental set of SVG icons, created with the help of Inkscape. These icons were meant to be part of the next-generation perli.net UI, but somehow (lack of time/interest?) didn't make it to the public web page.


This is one of the last drafts for my personal page in the 11th Maturazeitung of the EDVO dept. at the HTBL Pinkafeld.


Some archived documents of the Maturakomitee 2005/06.


On March 7th, 2005, I've written my first Java Midlet, a simple note-taking application. I've tried it out on my Nokia 6310i.


A crowded desk, featuring my xe4500 and ignition.


Sometime in the first half of 2005, the iPodLinux project was trying to get Linux running on the second-generation iPod mini. I was lucky enough to test the ipodloader code when Bernard Leach sent me binaries for me to try out. I've made this photo and sent it to him to show him how cool it is to get the loader running on the iPod. As you can see on the image, the graphic was a bit offset vertically, but this was soon fixed.


This is a screenshot of ignition with NetBeans 4.0 running while I was developing a Java Servlet/JSP web-based chat system that could interface with my website. Apart from that classic XFCE GUI, you can also see a bit of the class tree and the source code for the EchoBot class, a chat robot that simply repeats everything that is said in a channel.


Just a nostalgic screenshot of the first Ubuntu installation I was using, including eject shortcut Desktop icon, Wifi networking systray icon and Blam, i.e. Mono stuff.

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