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SEPU Jobs-Datenbank (Projektarbeit 2006, 5ADV)

Dieses Projekt im Gegenstand System- und Einsatzplanung unterstützt die Erfassung von Job-Inseraten. Es kann für jeden Schüler ein eigener User angelegt werden, Schülergruppen (zB Klassen oder SEPU-Gruppen) können in Mandanten zusammengefasst werden.

wavbreaker Patches

I've been a wavbreaker user for about two years now. wavbreaker is really useful to me, but there have been some bugs and strange GUI decisions that made me write some patches against the then-latest wavbreaker version, 0.7. My patches are now included in wavbreaker's upstream release since version 0.8.

soulseduction.com digital downloads with wget

For all Linux users and music lovers, here's a short how-to on downloading your digital music purchases from soulseduction.com by simply using wget and some cookie magic.

FM4 Trackservice Scripts

A set of shell and perl scripts to archive and read track data from the Radio FM4 website.

Siemens S68, Debian GNU/Linux, Bluetooth and ObexFS

Description on how to use Bluetooth and ObexFS with a BenQ/Siemens S68 mobile phone and Debian GNU/Linux. Using FUSE and ObexFS, you can mount your S68's filesystem in Linux.

sms.a1.net Shell Client

A command-line client for A1.net's SMS service.

pnbuttons - Website Navigation Button Generator

A tool written in Java to automate the process of creating high-quality renderings of navigation buttons for the web.

Apple MacBook German keyboard layout on Linux console

How to install the mac-macbook-de keymap available in Debian's console-data 2:1.01-1 to get a correct keymap for the MacBook on the Linux console.

MacBook: Use Headphone port after suspend

This is a short description of what has to be done to get the MacBook's headphone port working again after a sleep/resume cycle with older kernel versions.

Mac OS X / Front Row / QuickTime: DivX Codec only

If you want to have DivX/XviD support in MacOS X's QuickTime and Front Row, you have to install the DivX.com codec package. Here's how can just install the codec without the additional DivX.com crap.

Sony Ericsson K700i and Linux

Description on how to best use a Sony Ericsson K700i with Debian GNU/Linux, including Desktop remote control, xmms, rfcomm (terminal) and using the K700i as keyboard and mouse.

Xen 3.0 on Debian 4.0: The Basics

This is a very basic introduction on how to get started with Xen 3.0 on Debian Etch. Start here if you want to use Xen for server virtualization (or simply run another virtual server on your Desktop machine.

pnm - PERLI.NET photo maintenance tools

A set of bash, Python and Perl scripts and makefiles to easily convert and prepare photo albums for the web.

Enabling stereo output on the Apple MacBook

On Apple MacBooks, you have to enable a special switch in the alsamixer utility to enable stereo output on the headphone port and speakers. Here's how you do it.

Radio FM4 Stream Web Recorder

A set of scripts to record shows from the (un)official FM4 web stream to your hard disk.

Swound Sound System Repository

This is my personal collection of all things related to the silly solid swound system, including an episode guide, information about the early episodes and other interesting bits and pieces.

FM4 Kalender Browser

Yearly calendar with links to the daily program schedule on the Radio FM4 homepage since mid-2003.

Vienna. Flex. Dub Club.

CSS photo hack for all your Vienna, Flex revival needs from Summer 2006.


Another mallorcayan screen hack, this time adding transparent PNG graphics to the soup of JavaScript and CSS. People dancing to the sound of Boi Da Cara Breta.

Elektron (Heartbeat on time)

A CSS/JavaScript hack that makes many elektrons rotate around a blinking atom, trying to escape the gravity.

Starfield Simulator

A mid-2006 JavaScript hack in combination with StyleSheets in celebration of "You Joined The Right Planet". My first JavaScript bling hack.

THP inna Code Monkey Styleität

Photos from the Mallorca travelsomeness. Two months abroad, doing database-driven web coding in Perl.

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