2006 / Mac OS X / Front Row / QuickTime: DivX Codec only

Mac OS X / Front Row / QuickTime: DivX Codec only

So, I've got a new MacBook, and it has got the wonderful FrontRow program. Only problem is: DivX/XviD movies don't play in FrontRow, because FrontRow uses QuickTime. DivX, etc.. play fine in VLC from videolan.org, which is my favorite all-formats media player on every platform :) But hey, why not invest some time getting the original DivX codec for QuickTime, so you can watch your movies within FrontRow?

Here, I'll describe how to get DivX for QuickTime without the useless trash that ships with the DivX.com Mac package. You won't miss the useless DivX Player application and several other stuff that would be installed normally. Keep your installation clean :)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download: DivXInstaller.dmg
  2. Mount the disk image
  3. Right-click on the DivX for Mac Installer.pkg icon, choose Show package contents
  4. Open the Contents folder
  5. Copy the Archive.pax.gz file to your Desktop
  6. Double-click on Archive.pax.gz on your Desktop
  7. Drag Archive.pax and Archive.pax.gz to the Trash
  8. Navigate: Archive, Library, QuickTime
  9. Copy the two component files (DivX Decoder.component and DivX Encoder.component) to /Library/QuickTime
  10. Enjoy DivX movies in QuickTime/Front Row without DivX.com application trash

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