thp inna mallorcayan code monkey styleität! (a.k.a. thp = malloc('a');)

september 24th 2006 - late november 2006

Get your things together..

...adventurous smile before take-off...

Fliegenklatsche! Tower bitte kommen, hey!

First impressions - nightly (still Airportität) and daily!

Remote voting feat. the portocolom harbor.

Coding über den Dächern! Aka hosted by.

Tourism, hey - tourism! Cala d'or, I presume.

Smile when the weather's fine.

Misc random driving around shots...

Even more cala d'or.

Ships, notebook, pizza and Debian on a MacBook.

More portocolom pictures and a stereophotography from somewhere else. Try it out!

Valldemossa (the village, not the song..) and portocolom-ish FMSLD.

PS: I know the photos aren't really resized or linked. Left as an exercise to the reader. -- thp