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thp's wavbreaker development

The official wavbreaker release is now based on the changes from this page, so please go to the new wavbreaker page.

The story so far

I've been a wavbreaker user for about two years now. wavbreaker is really useful to me, but there have been some bugs and strange GUI decisions that made me write some patches against the then-latest wavbreaker version, 0.7.

As I continued using my patched version (which I called wavbreaker 0.7.1), I had more and more ideas for improving wavbreaker usability. I even created a new icon for wavbreaker, as the original version didn't really have one. I started releasing my own changes on this page, starting with 0.7.1 and going right through 0.7.10, which was a huge improvement from the old wavbreaker.

Merging of my changes

I've contacted the upstream author several times, but he didn't have time to get my changes into wavbreaker, but promised to get back to me as time permitted. In April 2007, he created a Sourceforge project for wavbreaker where our development should continue. He converted his CVS repository to Subversion, and I merged my changes with his history.

As soon as certain things are sorted out, there will be a new official wavbreaker release based on my version. Thanks to Timothy D. Robinson, the author of wavbreaker, for creating the sf.net project and letting me contribute my code to the official wavbreaker releases.

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