di[rec] Live Recordings - SWF to MP3

A guide on how to use Debian's swftools package to extract MP3 files from di[rec] SWF live recordings.

thp's modified GQview

A patchset against GQview 2.1.5 that simplifies GQview usage, adds better keyboard navigation. Support for exiftran keyboard shortcuts.

python-jabberbot: A simple Jabber Bot for Python

A simple, Python-based Jabber bot framework, using xmpppy. You can use this framework to easily implement your own bots.

python-youtube: A simple YouTube API Client for Python

A simple Python implementation of a YouTube API Client. You can use this to access YouTube metadata in your Python applications and webapps.

(Desktop) Hacks 2007

Short Python/PyGTK hacks that help you get your work done on your Linux Desktop.

Apple MacBook, Atheros WiFi and NetworkManager

A guide on how to fix the Atheros WiFi adapter on a Apple MacBook on Debian to make it work with automagic NetworkManager configuration/management.

Fotografieren How-To

Wichtigste Dinge, die es beim Fotografieren auf Events zu beachten gibt.

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