Archive 2007

Code snippets and data files ("the archive")Zivildiener, January 2007

Here you will find some code snippets and data files I did in 2007.

Drawing on a GTK+ button with Cairo (test code for the Cairo-based wavbreaker code additions I did): cairo-test.c

Convert a data file to a C array header file, so it can be used in a binary without having to supply the data file with the binary. This code is used in Tennix, but can be used standalone: data2csrc.c (public domain)

A Vienna nightly brings you the SVG-ish interpretation of "meet the flinstones".

I also updated the gPodder icon to be more Tango-compliant, and so here's the complete work-in-progress SVG file that contains some tries on the gPodder icon: gpodder-icon-source.svg

To find the size of a web file on an HTTP server via Python, you might want to use, the file on which a patch for gPodder (see bug #24) is based.

Some fixes for Alberto Ruiz' Jilorio: jilorio_thp_fixes.patch

Sounds into the ear as vibrations in the air. Äbään, eine Baumwurzel! And because we are so musicful, we want to have pg pauli to do the Maibaum-Lied in full effect.

face icon

What some of us would call "A Poor Man's SDL Joystick tester" is also to be found here, because it's fun to play with SDL, especially if you have applesmc on your MacBook. Grab the example source code for accessing Joystick data in SDL here: joytest.c

In September, when doing some work on wavbreaker, somebody also submitted the idea of"Meet the flinstones" integrating Moodbar into wavbreaker. I've quickly written a visualization script that will display a .mood file with PyGame: (Damian Frick improved it in 2008:

My try on creating Gnome iconsMy lame attempt to generate pixel-perfect icons in the old-fashioned Gnome style, following the tutorial on this page resulted in some ugly icon I called paytv.xcf

How would you go about writing an ugly, iterable buffer thingamoob in Python? Maybe this way:

We were young and didn't have a dice:

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