2007 / thp's modified GQview

thp's modified GQview 2.1.5

This is the web page of a patchset against GQview 2.1.5 that adds some keyboard shortcuts and makes GQview easier to use for sorting and rotating photos when preparing them for perli.net. This is GQview modified for my taste, but maybe someone finds this useful.

GQview website: gqview.sourceforge.net

This patchset is released under the GNU GPL (same as the GQview package).

Changes since GQview 2.1.5

  • Default editors: GIMP (slot 0), exiftran cw (slot 8), exiftran ccw (slot 9)
  • The "Backspace" key acts like the delete key (enable delete key in preferences)
  • Control+G opens gimp (i.e. editor from slot 0)
  • "Page up" rotates image counter-clockwise (i.e. editor from slot 9)
  • "Page down" rotates image clockwise (i.e. editor from slot 8)
  • "Home" and "End" move to the previous/next image (in GQview, this is done with PgUp/PgDn)
  • By default, gqview starts in folder "~/work/"
  • RC filename is "gqviewrc-perlinet" to not clash with standard gqview


To compile this version, you need to download gqview-2.1.5.tar.gz, extract the tarball, cd into gqview-2.1.5, apply the patch with patch -p0 < /path/to/gqview-2.1.5-thp_perlinet.patch, copy gqview_logo.png from above to src/icons/ and then do the usual ./configure and make.

Wed Sep 5 14:13:15 2007 +0000