Maemoified SMPY

This is the Maemo (Nokia Internet Tablet OS 2008) port of smpy, the Pythonified Perlific SMS Sender, making this cool utility the Maemoified Pythonified Perlific SMS Sender. Whoa!

Maemo/Nokia Internet Tablet Stuff 2008

Here is some stuff I've worked on for the Maemo (Nokia Internet Tablet) platform and some small hacks and hints for using your OS2008-based N8x0 device in cool ways.

Unbranded Usplash and GDM themes

These Usplash and GDM themes have been derived from the nice Ubuntu themes, but have their brown-ish look and the Ubuntu logo removed, so you can use it to have a nice, unbranded boot progress bar and a nice login screen. Even on other distros, if you wish :)

urlwatch - A pythonic URL watcher script

A small script to help you with monitoring changes on a list of specified URLs. You can use it as a cron job and get a diff list mailed to you whenever the content of an URL changes.

SSID-based SMTP server changer for Evolution

A Python script that changes Evolution's SMTP server setting, depending on which wireless network you are connected to. This is helpful when you roam between different wireless networks connected to different ISPs that require to be in their subnet to send mails via their SMTP server.

NumptyPhysics on Win32

The great game by Tim Edmonds, ported and compiled for the Windows platform, so all the MS fanboys (and -girls) can enjoy this excellent game that is available for Nokia Internet Tablets and Linux desktops.

gPodder stuff

These are just some pages about gPodder with texts, drafts and screenshots that didn't fit elsewhere, so I decided to put this up here for you to enjoy. Or in case someone else needs it.

Proposal: Linux disk cleaner

A short document I've started writing that contains information on how a good Linux-based disk cleaning utility (get rid of temporary files, cache files, etc..) should work and what it should provide in terms of features.

The Helpful Livingroom

A user interface design concept that tries to integrate existing devices in your home better with each other without introducing Yet Another Device.

The Archive

The yearly collection of loose files. Putting something in there at times, but don't expect coolness to happen overnight (as always..).

Other pages of minor interest: Blog posts, Mathe mit Python und Debian/Microcontroller.

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