gPodder episode list icons and their meanings

This is a list of icons and their meanings in the gPodder episode list user interface:

This podcast episode is new on the server and not yet downloaded; it's "new", because it's been published after the last episode that has been downloaded or because it's the most recent one in a newly-added podcast
This podcast episode is currently being downloaded (or queued to be downloaded); it's not yet available, but will be when the download finishes
This podcast episode has been downloaded to the computer. It is now available as an audio file on the user's hard disk. It can be played back right away.
Same as above, but a video file that has been downloaded.
Same as above, but the file is a ".torrent" file that contains the real data. This .torrent file has to be opened with a BitTorrent client to download the file.
This podcast episode has either been marked as deleted without ever being downloaded (i.e. it will never be marked as "new" anymore) or it has been downloaded before (and most probably played), but now has been deleted. It's not available on the user's hard disk anymore. If the user wants to listen to this episode again, it has to be re-downloaded.

There are two "emblems" that will be overlaid onto the file type icons (audio, video and torrent):

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