2008 / Maemoified SMPY

Maemoified SMPY

The Maemoified SMPY is a SMS sending tool for Nokia Internet Tablets. It derives from the Desktop smpy, which itself derives from smp.

There is now a special page devoted to my Maemo work, see Maemo 2008.

source repository on the web

OS2008 Binary

Here is the IT OS 2008 (Chinook) binary: smpy_2008.3.1_all.deb

downloading the source

  • git clone git://repo.or.cz/smpy-maemo.git

...you have to compile smpy in maemo 4.0 scratchbox...

how to use it

first-time configuration

  1. create squared icons of your buddies
  2. name the files nickname (+43664xxxxxxx).png, i.e. the nickname and the full number in brackets
  3. create a folder contacts on your SD card (or directly on the N800)
  4. open smpy
  5. go to the menu: Add contacts folder
  6. select the folder you created
  7. go to the menu: Configure smpy
  8. enter your A1.net username and password, then press OK
  9. close smpy

everyday use

  1. open smpy from the menu
  2. click on the buddy icon of the person you want to send a message
  3. enter the message in the text area
  4. click on "send SMS"

ideas for improvement

  • Multiple receivers with one SMS
  • Enter number manually for sending
  • Receiver groups (for mass SMSing)

Thomas Perl (m at thp io), jabber: thp@jabber.org