2008 / Unbranded Usplash and GDM themes

Unbranded Usplash and GDM themes

These Usplash and GDM themes have been derived from the nice Ubuntu themes, but have their brown-ish look and the Ubuntu logo removed, so you can use it to have a nice, unbranded boot progress bar and a nice login screen.


The modified GDM theme, based on Human GDM:
The modified Usplash theme, based on Intrepid's Usplash theme:

Build and installation instructions

You have to build these packages yourself. I provide the source packages here. You can build these by pointing dget to the .dsc files above and extracting the sources with "dpkg-source -x *.dsc", followed by a "debuild" inside the source directory. This will hopefully spit out .deb packages for you to install with "dpkg -i".

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