Headphone daemon for Maemo

The headphone daemon sits in the background and watches the connection state of headphones on the N800, N810 or N900. Whenever the headphones are unplugged (or disconnected in the case of Bluetooth headphones), headphoned will send a "pause" signal to all supported media players to avoid "public transport situations".


headphoned started out as a project for Maemo 4 (OS2008 aka Diablo), but quickly became interesting for Maemo 5 as well, and so starting with 1.5, Maemo 5 is supported and development is focused on Maemo 5 at the moment.

The Maemo 4 version is also updated every now and then and new features are added or bugs are fixed. As these updated are forked from version 1.4 of headphoned, these releases will be named 1.4.x.


Features specific to the Maemo 5 version (1.x)

Features specific to the Maemo 4 version (1.4.x)

Supported applications

If you want your media player application to be supported by headphoned, please provide the pause and play features via a D-Bus API and contact the author of headphoned.

Credits / Thanks

Thanks to the following people who have contributed to the greatness called headphoned:

The code

git clone git://repo.or.cz/headphoned.git


Download now: OS2008 (Diablo) or Maemo 5 (Fremantle).

Headphone Daemon on repo.or.cz

Thomas Perl · 2010-10-14