Naranjito - Unofficial Data Plan Usage Monitor

You have a monthly plan at an Austrian mobile network operator and want to be up to date how much traffic / voice / SMS you have left? Download Naranjito and get a nice icon in your system notification area that - when clicked - will show you exactly how much of your monthly limits you have used and what's still left.

For this to work, you have to create a username and password for the web login area of your operator (go to the website and click on "Mein Servicebereich", login via the one-time password via SMS option, and then create a username and password).

After that, you can use this username and password to let Naranjito take care of logging in to the website and checking your traffic limits.


Please note that all content here is provided free of charge and with full source code. The code is provided as an educational example of how to make web sites with login areas more accessible on mobile devices. This is not an official application, and you alone take full responsibility of what you do with this. You have been warned.

Naranjito is not connected to, endorsed by, or otherwise supported by that Austrian mobile network operator and comes with no warranty whatsoever.

Source code

Packages (for Maemo 5)

Installation / Usage for GNOME (Desktop version)

If you are a power user, you know what to do. These are the instructions for beginners using GNOME and trying to set up the application to start at every login, so bear with me:

Maemo 4 (Diablo) release for Nokia N800/N810

You can upload Naranjito to your Nokia Internet Tablet and get the nice notification icon and traffic statistics on your tablet, too! Read the README file to find out how.


Naranjito is released under the terms of the BSD license.

Thomas Perl · 2010-10-14