2M1X ArchiVAt0R

2M1X-1I-2X1V Dug out from ~/bin

2M1X-3I-2I: Tag cloud from last November

2M1X-3I-1I1V: Patchwork

2M1X-3I-1V1I: Talk @ FH Hagenberg (Maemo Development)

Some photos: Talk, Part 1 and Talk, Part 2. Thanks to Stefan Koegl for the photos.

Parse your public trophy list from PSN with Python:

Sorry, could not resist.

Derek Bruening's dclick.cpp patched for a path separator fix: dclick.cpp.

Different ways to display shell commands in html

Two useful commands to add to your .vimperatorrc (use with :WebArchive or :GoogleCache):

command WebArchive execute ":open http://web.archive.org/*/" + buffer.URL
command GoogleCache execute ":open http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3A" + escape(buffer.URL)

Another useful Vimperator command:

command YTShort execute ":echo buffer.URL.replace(new RegExp('www.youtube.com/watch[?]v=\([^&]*\).*'), 'youtu.be/$1')"

Control GStreamer filters in a pipeline using a gamepad (tested with DualShock 3 and RumblePad 2) for effects: joystick-gstreamer.py

Forth Notes (SBS-WS10)
Py Parallel Execution Test
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