MaePad is your application for creating texts, drawing sketches and managing lists of things. You can manage the information you are working with by using a node tree that can grow as big as you want.

MaePad is available for Maemo 5 and integrates into the system with a seamless, user-friendly UI that lets you get things done quickly.

Please report any problems you find and share your ideas for the application on the project page.

How to get MaePad

MaePad is available from Maemo Extras. The latest version is MaePad 1.9 "Toony". Changes in this release include a "No items" label for empty checklists, a search-friendly app name in the .desktop file and full portrait mode support (auto-rotation). A new translation into Catalan has been added, and the Finnish and German translation have been updated. Release date: 2010-11-25.

Until MaePad gets promoted to Extras (stable), you can get it from the Extras-Testing repository. The usual disclaimers apply.

Get the code

git clone git://

MaePadWeb - A Web UI for MaePad

MaePadWeb 2.1 is now available from Maemo Extras-Devel. You should also check out the blog post with more screenshots and a video of MaePadWeb being displayed on a N8.

git clone git://


Thomas Perl · 2013-04-12