minidb: simple python object store

minidb 2 makes it easy to store Python objects in a SQLite 3 database and work with the data in an easy way with concise syntax. Designed for Python 3.

2015-05-24: minidb 2.0.1 released

A small fix-up release of minidb is out. This fixes some unit tests and docs on top of the 2.0.0 release. It is recommended for all minidb users.

2015-02-21: minidb 2.0.0 released

A new version of minidb is out, bringing Python 3 support and a completely new (non-backwards-compatible) API, but with a more Pythonic way of interfacing with the database and good unit test coverage.

2012-11-28: minidb 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of minidb is out. This release fixes a small issue with databases growing over time (see gPodder bug 1721). The new releases issues an SQLite VACUUM command when the database is closed. As the minidb module is only suited for small database sizes ("a few hundred entries"), the vacuuming should be fast enough.



Git repository

git clone git://

Projects using minidb

If you are using minidb for your project, please drop me a mail and let me know, so I can link your project here :)

Thomas Perl · 2015-05-24