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qw ("cuvée") is a filling game in the style of Qix, but with different game mechanics to make it work well on touchscreen devices.

The goal of the game is to fill areas as big as possible without being hit by an enemy, as every enemy encounter cuts your score in half. Get point multipliers for killing enemies by enclosing them in filled areas.

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2013-11-18: Open Source 3rd Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the upcoming third anniversary of qw, the source code for the Qt 4 / C++ version of qw is being released under the terms of the GNU GPL v3. You can grab the source here:

For more information about the open source release, read the release notes in README-2.0.0.txt.

2011-12-03: Open Source 1st Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of qw, I'm releasing the initial Python-based prototype of qw, which has been developed during the Super GameDev Weekend 2010 as open source under the GNU GPLv3 (or later) license. This applies only to the Python-based prototype, the game in Ovi Store will still stay closed source for the time being.

This code should be compatible with at least Maemo 5 (N900), MeeGo Harmattan (N950 and N9) and all Desktop platforms (Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X and Windows) as long as you have Python and PySide installed. It should also work fine on Android using my PySide for Android port. Don't forget that this release supports up to 4 players on one keyboard, so get that qw deathmatch on :)

Grab your qw source code now: qw.py (44 kB)

Gameplay video


Platforms to which the qw engine has been ported:

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Thomas Perl · 2013-04-04