That Rabbit Game

You are a kleptomanic rabbit head with wings. And with a sense of guilt, that is. After stealing the precious gold coins from a shaman (it's TEH Shaman), you fly over the countryside and have the sudden urge to get shot and lose your coins. Ten of them. In 90 seconds.

That Rabbit Game for Maemo and Symbian is written using Qt 4.6 and utilizes Qt Mobility 1.0 for accelerometer features, QGraphicsView for the scene graph and Qt Animation Framework for the menu.

Ports of That Rabbit Game exist for Maemo 5 (N900), MeeGo 1.2 (N950, N9), Symbian^3 (N8-00, E7-00) and Symbian Anna/Belle (808 PureView), HP/palm webOS (Palm Pre 2), MeeGo Tablet UX (ExoPC), iOS 5 (iPod Touch 4G) and for QNX (Blackberry Playbook OS, Blackberry 10).

See also: That Rabbit Game 2: Stone Age Rabbit Hunt

Thomas Perl · 2013-01-18