python-eventfeed for Harmattan

This library allows you to post new events to the Harmattan Event Feed screen and receive callbacks when events are clicked. You can post updates about new items that are found and create other kinds of cool notifications :)

The Event Feed screen is available in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on the N950 and N9 - this library allows you to integrate Python code with it.

Simple example

from eventfeed import EventFeedService, EventFeedItem

service = EventFeedService('yourapp', 'Your App')
icon = '/usr/share/yourapp/icons/example.png'

item = EventFeedItem(icon, 'Hello World!')
item.set_body('How are you today?')

def on_item_clicked():
    print 'the user clicked the item'


The resulting event should look like this:



Documentation of the module can be found here:

GitHub repository

Either use the web interface or clone directly via

git clone git://
Thomas Perl · 2011-06-25