Edgar Rice Soirée

A 20-controller competitive PS Move game for 4 players. Developed during Nordic Game Jam 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Douglas Wilson (idea), Adam Henriksson (installation), David Kanaga (music+sfx) and Thomas Perl (code). Formerly known as Awkward Tarzan Grinding Game, then formerly known as Edgar Rice Frotteur. Look out for our next game name for the same game!

2012-01-29: Initial installation at ITU Copenhagen for Nordic Game Jam 2012, Denmark. (Photos by Tommy Rousse)
2013-04-18: Installation at Spilbar 14 at AFUK Copenhagen, Denmark.
2013-07-12: Come Out & Play Festival in New York City. (Photos by Lia Bulaong)
2013-10-03: IndieCade 2013 in Los Angeles. (Video Review by Joystiq)
2014-05-17: Free To Play Festival 2014 in Antwerpen, Belgium.
2014-06-20: Playful Arts Festival in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2014-07-03: Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark. (Photos, Videos and More, Review by Gameplay [DA], Review by Sabine)
2014-09-12: XOXO Arcade 2014 in Portland, OR. (Announcement)
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Gameplay. Four players navigate a jungle of 20 hanging PlayStation Move controllers. Each player is assigned a color. Players need to hold (pressing any button) controllers of their color. As long as you have two controllers pressed, you are safe. If no controllers of your color are pressed, you are eliminated instantly. If only one controller of your color is pressed, you begin to lose life energy quickly. Grab a second controller, quickly, before all your energy drains and you're eliminated. Colors move around the jungle and the pace speeds up as the game progresses. "Tarzan" around the space, and use your body to block the others' paths. Awkward body contact encouraged. NGJ12 Video / Adam's game description / T. Rousse's article / B. Boyer's post / Kotaku article

Powered by PS Move API, Python and PyGame.

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