Fennec (from Harmattan) in Nemo Mobile

..an embarassingly hackish way to getting a nice browser on Nemo..

Here's a quick'n'dirty way to get Fennec (aka Mozilla Firefox for mobile devices) running on Nemo Mobile on a N950. This assumes that you have access to a Harmattan system with Fennec installed.

Copying Fennec over

On your Harmattan install:

user@harmattan:~$ tar czvf fennec.tgz /opt/fennec

SCP the file to your computer, and from there to your Nemo install:

root@nemo:~# tar xvf fennec.tgz -C /

So far so good. Starting Fennec can be accomplished with:

/opt/fennec/lib/fennec-15.0/run-mozilla.sh \

However, you'll quickly notice that some libraries are missing that Fennec has been compiled against. Here's a list of libraries that you need:

        libcontentmanager.so.0                   libmdatauri.so.0
        libhal.so.1                              librelevance.so.0
        libicudata.so.44                         libsmartsearch.so
        libicui18n.so.44                         libtracker-common.so.0
        libicuuc.so.44                           libtracker-data.so.0
        libmaemomeegotouchshareuiinterface.so.1  libtracker-sparql-0.10.so.0

You can find them on your Harmattan install in /usr/lib/. Copy them to /opt/fennec/lib/fennec-15.0/ in the Nemo install and it should work. Protip: Make sure you actually copy the real libraries (with these names) instead of the symlinks.

Further Work

Somebody (meaning not me) might want to work on getting Fennec "natively" on Nemo Mobile from source, here are some useful pointers: How To Build Fennec on Harmattan SDK

See also: Builds by shmerl, TMO Thread, How To Build Fennec with Mer SDK

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