A lightweight and portable game with blocks. Not to be confused with a game of a totally different name. The first game to introduce the innovative free-to-grey concept, offering a free grayscale version of the game. Also, it's kind of fun to play, yet small as a download.


Play online

The WebGL build of Tetrepetete can be played directly in your browser, if it supports WebGL content properly (tested with Firefox 26): Play Tetrepetete in your browser

2015-01-12: Open Source Release

Tetrepetete is now available under the terms of the GPLv2, you can grab the source here:

For more information about the open source release, read the release notes in README-2.0.0.txt.


Screenshots (N800/Retro Edition)


The point of this game is not so much to write yet another clone of that game with blocks of 4, but more about an experiment in creating a portable game using C++ (and no frameworks!) that can be run on multiple platforms and also use multiple rendering backends (OpenGL ES, but also ncurses-based console backend as well as a HTML5 Frontend using server-sent events, XMLHttpRequest and Canvas 2D as well as a WebGL port using Emscripten).

Other experimental things included, but maybe not obvious are: Gameplay recording and playback (you can replay your last game), highscores that can be updated automatically when the game rules change, the use of no images for the GL ES backend (everything is rendered from 3D meshes, or generated font textures) and a cameo appearance of That Rabbit from That Rabbit Game.

Thomas Perl · 2013-04-06