Loonies 8192

Retro Puzzle Fun in 8 KiB (DOS, 386+, VGA, OPL-2)

This is a simple DOS-based puzzle game in 8 KiB which is (obviously) based on the game mechanics of "Lumines". There are 2x2-blocks falling down from the top, with two different colors. Use LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN to move the block and use UP to rotate the block. With SPACE you can drop the block (it will fall fast until it lands). Your goal is to create 2x2 blocks of the same color. These will be "marked" by the sweeper (a line that moves from left to right) when it passed the blocks. When the sweeper restarts on the left side, all marked blocks will be removed and you earn points. The HJKL keys can be used as alternative (vi) to the arrow keys. Use "S" to toggle sound and use "P" to toggle pause. "Q" quits the game, and there might even be some way to activate a cheat mode? Interesting.

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Thomas Perl · 2018-07-05