WipEout PSP VEX Texture Tool

Unpack and repack textures from VEX files (unofficial / fan-made)

A script for unpacking and repacking textures in VEX files as found in the PSP WipEout games (Pulse and Pure) and their respective DLCs.

This is (obviously) not an official utility, and is not related to or associated in any way with the mentioned PSP games.



This script is written in Python 3. You need a recent version. Windows users can install from www.python.org and macOS and Linux users most likely have it already installed.

Additionally, PyPNG needs to be installed. On Debian/Ubuntu the package python3-png can be installed, for others it can be installed via PIP: python3 -m pip install PyPNG (on Windows, use py instead of python3).


The basic VEX file format has been documented this year in this post:

Command-Line Help

usage: vextextool.py [-h] [--verbose] [--mip0-only] {unpack,pack} filename

VEX Texture Tool

positional arguments:
  {unpack,pack}  Mode of operation
  filename       Input filename (VEX)

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --verbose      Additional debug output
  --mip0-only    Only unpack/pack base mip level, derive other levels
Thomas Perl · 2022-09-26