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January 2022

Loonies 21.0.1 released

The DOS port of Loonies has been updated and now has the "Scanlines" and "Fullscreen" options present in other ports.

WipEout Pulse Ship Skin Editor 1.0.2 released

This is a bugfix update to my custom ship skin editor. It adds native macOS dialogs and fixes the "Triakis" team texture bug recently reported.

February 2022

minidb 2.0.6 released

A new release of the nifty mini-ORM for Python 3. This release makes the VACUUM-on-close behavior optional.

March 2022

urlwatch 2.25 released

urlwatch 2.25 brings better man pages, and takes into account the new VACUUM-on-close fix from minidb 2.0.5.

April 2022

wavbreaker 0.15 released

A new version of wavbreaker, your favorite tool to cut apart WAV and MP3 files, is now available. It brings support for lossless cutting of MP2 files and adds AppStream metadata, which is used by Flatpak.

May 2022

MD Remote Resistor Values

The wired remotes for MD portables use a resistor ladder to detect button presses. Here's a few I measured myself, plus some information on behavior between generations.

June 2022

The VEXX File Format

With the WipEout Pure engine, the VEXX file format was introduced, which contains a serialized version of a Maya scene, used for both tracks and ships. This contains a basic overview of the format.

July 2022

telnettext: ORF Teletext HTML to ANSI

A small script to convert the HTML version of ORF Teletext into ANSI escape sequences so that you can browse teletext from your terminal.

August 2022

PyOtherSide 1.6.0 released

The lightweight Python QML plugin for Qt gets a new release, including for the first time Qt 6 support!

September 2022

minidb 2.0.7 released

Yet another release of the nifty Python mini-ORM. A bugfix and two convenience methods were added.

Binary build of Eglo for Pocket C.H.I.P

As part of repo cleanups, here's a build of the old Eglo library created in 2018. Sources are available in apkenv and pyweek15.

WipEout PSP VEX Texture Tool 1.0.0 released

A script to work with textures inside VEX-format data files as found in the PSP WipEout games (Pulse and Pure) and their respective DLCs. This can be used to unpack, edit and pack texture data easily.

December 2022

WipEout Pulse Ship Skin Editor 1.0.3 released

This is a compatibility update that improves support for older versions of Windows or machines/VMs without a proper OpenGL ICD (this avoids the "missing fonts" bug).

wavbreaker 0.16 released

A new version of wavbreaker, a tool for cutting audio files into smaller chunks, is now available. This release brings a new wavcli command-line interface and support for reading (but not writing) Ogg Vorbis media.

Thomas Perl · 2023-02-11