wavbreaker 0.16 released


A new version of wavbreaker is out.

ChangeLog: Version 0.16 - 2022-12-20


  • Support for reading Ogg Vorbis audio files using libvorbisfile (writing is not implemented yet; save track breaks to a .txt file and use track-break-to-ffmpeg.py to break up Ogg files until Ogg file writing is implemented)
  • wavcli: New command-line interface to some features of wavbreaker
  • wavcli list to list wavbreaker's parsing of track break files (TXT/CUE/TOC)
  • wavcli version to show version and compiled-in file format support
  • wavcli analyze to open an audio file, run analysis, and preview audio
  • wavcli split to split an audio file to a folder using a track break list


  • Format modules: WAV, CDDA RAW, MP2/MP3 and Ogg Vorbis are now handled as separate modules for opening, reading, decoding (for playback) and lossless cutting
  • File detection: CDDA RAW and MP2/MP3 files must have cdda.raw, .mp2 and .mp3 file extensions to be detected properly (avoids file misdetection)
  • wavinfo uses the new format modules for MP2/MP3 and Ogg Vorbis support; the output format is slightly changed to show duration, number of samples and the uncompressed audio format
  • The command-line utilities wavinfo, wavmerge and wavgen have been merged into the wavcli command-line utility. Instead of wavinfo, use wavcli info, instead of wavmerge, use wavcli merge, instead of wavgen use wavcli gen.
  • The split progress dialog now has a "Cancel" button that cancels the operation
  • The two waveforms in the main window now have a minimum height set, and resizing the views should be more intuitive due to changed expand rules
  • Activating the "add track break" button during playback will insert the break at the playback cursor position (contributes to #12)


  • Removed support for little-endian RAW audio (CDDA); use e.g. sox to convert the raw audio to a file with WAV header and load that instead
  • Removed interactive query for opening as RAW CDDA audio (use .cdda.raw instead)


  • Duration of initial break point is shown properly when the file is first loaded
  • Toggling of etree.org file naming scheme in preferences window works properly now


Thomas Perl · 2022-12-20