chro.mono 2.4.1 for DOS (Demo) released


chro.mono 2 is now available for DOS, in glorious 256-color 320x200:

This is my second entry for the DOS Games June 2023 Jam (the first being Super Trace Benchmark, of course).


Version 2.4.1 fixes a timer-related issue in 2.4.0, which should fix animation smoothness on fast machines.

Open Source Predecessor

The first version of chro.mono is open source and available in Linux distributions (e.g. Debian).

Other Platforms

This version of chro.mono 2 (including sound, which the DOS port is missing) can be obtained on as well as Google Play and the App Store.

And of course this game also has its share of homebrew console ports. Due to the nature of the input handling, chro.mono 2 is only available for PS Vita (Homebrew, using the touchscreen and motion sensors) and Wii (Homebrew, using the Wii Remote). The console ports are available on

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Thomas Perl · 2023-06-15