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January 2023

PS Move API Cleanups

The open source motion controller tracking library has its code spring-cleaned. New camera support as well as better/faster color calibration is also available now.

February 2023

apkenv: OSMesa and QEMU user-space emulation

apkenv, a compatibility layer for games packaged as APK gets some updates after several years, including making it possible to run under Desktop Linux with the help of OSMesa and QEMU user-space emulation.

Running Bounce Evolution on modern Linux

Making 32-bit ARM binaries from 2009 work on modern 64-bit x86/ARM Linux using qemu user-space emulation, X11/EGL/D-Bus/PulseAudio wrapping and OpenGL pass-through.

April 2023

urlwatch 2.26 released

urlwatch 2.26 brings support for shell-based reporters, user-agent override for browser jobs and various other fixes that accumulated in the year since the previous release.

Dzzee 1.4.0 for NDS Homebrew

Dzzee, the multi-platform arcade game gets a new port in the form of version 1.4.0 for the Nintendo DS Homebrew.

Running Ubuntu 23.04 on Parallels Desktop 18

One way to run Linux on a M1 Mac is so use Parallels Desktop. However, Linux Kernel 6.2 is not yet supported by the Parallels Guest Tools, so we need a workaround.

May 2023

urlwatch 2.27 and 2.28 released

New releases of urlwatch bring some small fixes, including compatibility with Python 3.11 for pyppetteer-based browser jobs (in version 2.27), as well as Playwright as new backend for browser jobs (in version 2.28).

Sound support in PS2 Linux (BlackRhino, Kernel 2.4.17)

Linux can run on the PS2, and with some additional firmware modules for the IOP, even sound support can work on Kernel 2.4.17. Newer ports of Linux (e.g. version 5.4) also exist, but are currently lacking driver support for the sound hardware.

Tetrepetete 2.2.0 for PS2 Homebrew

Tetrepetete, a fancy clone of that game with blocks of four is now also available for PS2 Homebrew (MIPS, ELF).

Dzzee 1.5.0 for PSP Homebrew

Dzzee, the multi-platform arcade game gets yet another port. This time, catching up with the 7th generation of handheld consoles, Dzzee was ported to the Playstation Portable.

June 2023

Loonies 8192 r67 for PS2, GameCube, Wii, Windows 3.11

My most-ported(?) game, Loonies 8192, gets ported to even more platforms with this first release in 2 years that adds 3 new console ports (PS2, GameCube and Wii) and one retro PC port (Windows 3.11 with 32-bit processors).

Thomas Perl · 2023-06-01