Tennix 20th Anniversary Edition


Tennix (2023) is now available on Itch.io for DOS and Win32. Check it out, and if you are interested, you can compare it to Tennix (2003), the original DOS/VGA version released in June 2003.

As you know, a different branch of Tennix also exists as an open source project, which has recently been updated to Tennix 1.3.4 to fix some build system issues.

So many releases! Tennix served as a test bed to try out different things over the years. This OpenGL and DOS VESA (software renderer) port hasn't really seen a proper release, so it's only fair to give it a chance to shine a bit and it allowed me to play a bit more with software rendering as well as creating a cool-looking animation of a tennis racket bouncing a tennis ball in Blender :)

Thomas Perl · 2023-07-07