minidb 2.0.8 released


A new version of minidb is available, fixing a concurrency issue that happens only on Python 3.12.

You can obtain minidb via

  • your Linux Distribution packages,
  • via PyPI (the Python Package index, e.g. via pip) and
  • via GitHub.

More details on the project webpage.

ChangeLog: Version 2.0.8 - 2024-04-24

  • Fix flake8 type comparison errors
  • Update list of supported Python versions (3.8-3.12)
  • Switch from distutils to setuptools and build (contributed by Maxime Werlen)
  • Update Github Action to set up the correct Python version (contributed by James Hewitt)
  • Read out SQLite result before releasing lock (Python 3.12 concurrency issue)

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Thomas Perl · 2024-04-24