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February 2024

Vanish5+ v3 for DOS released

For the DOS Game Jam Demo Disc, a new release of Vanish5+, a small puzzle game for DOS has been released. This release adds joystick/gamepad support and includes major performance improvements.

April 2024

DOS Game Jam Demo Disc released

The DOS Game Jam Demo Disc 2023 is finally here (it only took us a few months, so we find ourselves in the year 2024 already, but that doesn't really matter all that much). Enjoy new software on your very old hardware.

minidb 2.0.8 released

This release fixes a concurrency issue with SQLite and Python 3.12.

May 2024

PyOtherSide 1.6.1 released

A bugfix release that adds support for Qt 6.5 and Python 3.12.

Thomas Perl · 2024-05-18