minidb 2.0.6 released


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A new version of minidb is available. This release fixes an issue urlwatch users have been seeing, namely that VACUUM is called on the SQLite database every run.

The default behavior is unchanged, but vaccum_on_close=False can be passed to the minidb.Store constructor. Similarly, users can opt to call Store.vacuum() at any point to manually trigger a VACUUM on the SQLite database. This will be taken into account by the next urlwatch release.

You can obtain minidb via your Linux Distribution packages, via PyPI (the Python Package index, e.g. via pip) and via GitHub. More details on the project webpage.

ChangeLog: Version 2.0.6 - 2022-02-17

  • Add vaccum_on_close option and Store.vacuum()

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Thomas Perl · 2022-02-17