urlwatch 2.25 released


A new version of urlwatch is available.



  • Add a colored setting for the Discord reporter, enabled by default (PR#683 by Michał Ciołek)
  • Add a splitlines filter for trimming leading/trailing whitespace in each line (PR#693 by Lukas Anzinger)
  • If a shell job fails, the job's stdout and stderr are added to the error message (fixes #689)
  • shell job: Add optional stderr key to customize how output on stderr is treated
  • Add --dump-history JOB command-line option to print historic job outputs (fixes #681)
  • Add display / empty-diff configuration option to skip reports when diffs are empty due to diff_filter (fixes #692)
  • New man pages: urlwatch-intro(7), urlwatch-deprecated(7), urlwatch-cookbook(7), urlwatch-jobs(5), urlwatch-filters(5), urlwatch-config(5) and urlwatch-reporters(5).


  • Require minidb 2.0.6; issue VACUUM only with --gc-cache (fixes #690)
  • For shell jobs, stderr output isn't sent to urlwatch's stdout anymore; add stdout: urlwatch to your shell job definition if you depend on the old default behavior


  • pytest command-line arguments are not wrongly interpreted by CommandConfig anymore (fixes #677)


  • Man pages in share/man/ are generated from docs/source/ using Sphinx. In order to not require Sphinx for normal installation, update-manpages.sh is used to generate and fix up man pages stored in shared/. These man pages are stored in Git and in the release tarballs, so installations from source do not need to have Sphinx available for the manpages to be available.
  • Packagers can customize the manpages_url setting in docs/source/conf.py to point to the distribution's web man pages for the generated HTML documentation (if Sphinx is used to generate HTML docs).
Thomas Perl · 2022-03-15