Dzzee 1.4.0 for NDS Homebrew


A new port and version of Dzzee is out, adding support for the Nintendo DS (Homebrew).

With some similarities to the 3DS in terms of API, but a different rendering API (devkitPro exposes it as GL1-like interface) this port makes some concessions to arrive at playable frame rates while still having polygon anti-aliasing enabled. We end up with a very playable 30 FPS and crisp visuals. Otherwise this port is similar to the 3DS port in controls and dual-screen usage (or lack thereof).

This port has actually been done back in the day with the other ports but due to some visual glitches and performance issues wasn't posted, but last week I found a few hours to look into it and fix the remaining issues, so one more way to play this game on a retro platform.

See also: release announcement on

Thomas Perl · 2023-04-21