urlwatch 2.26 released


A new version of urlwatch is available.

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  • browser job: Add support for specifying useragent (#700, by Francesco Versaci)
  • Document how to ignore whitespace changes (PR#707, by Paulo Magalhaes)
  • shell reporter: Call a script or program when changes are detected (fixes #650)
  • New separate configuration option for reporters to split reports into one-per-job (contributed by Ryne Everett)
  • --change-location option allowing job location to be changed without losing job history (#739, by trevorshannon)


  • Docs: Re-group diff-related topics and improve wording (PR#712, by neutric)
  • Improved HTML e-mail diff style, including Dark Mode support (#730, by trevorshannon)
  • Require Python >= 3.7, as Python 3.6 was EOL'd on 2021-12-23
  • Dockerfile: Shrink image by switching to an Alpine-based Python 3.11 base image, this reduces the container size from 1 GiB to 151 MiB (#731, by Scott Edlund)
  • --gc-cache can now take a parameter to keep more than 1 historical snapshot (#732, by trevorshannon)


  • Limit e-mail header length to 78 characters to avoid issues with some SMTP servers (PR#703, fixes #702, by Julien Palard)
  • Fix a ResourceWarning for unclosed files when running unit tests (PR#698, by Louis Sautier)
  • Add support for html2text 2.1.1 and newer by feature-checking -utf8 support via -help (fixes #718)
  • html2text options were only applied to the first job when using job_defaults (PR#726, fixes #588, by trevorshannon)
  • Update Github tags watch filter documentation with new XPath (fixes #723, by Luis Aranguren)
  • Fix --gc-cache to clear unknown keys when using Redis storage (fixes #743, by scottmac)
Thomas Perl · 2023-04-11