urlwatch 2.27 and 2.28 released


Two new versions of urlwatch are available, one fixing Python 3.11 compatibility for the "old" browser job backend (pyppetteer), and one migrating to the new Playwright backend, which is still maintained and simpler to use.

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ChangeLog for urlwatch 2.28


  • Browser jobs: Migrate from Pyppeteer to Playwright (#761, by Paul Sattlegger, fixes #751)

ChangeLog for urlwatch 2.27


  • css and xpath filters now accept a sort subfilter to sort matched elements lexicographically


  • Rework handling of running from a source checkout, fixes issues with example files when urlwatch was run as /usr/sbin/urlwatch, e.g. on Void Linux (fixes #755)
  • Add support for docutils >= 0.18, which deprecated frontend.OptionParser (fixes #754)
  • Browser jobs: Fix support for Python 3.11 with @asyncio.coroutine removal (#759, by Faster IT)
Thomas Perl · 2023-05-03