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January 2021

WipEout Pure DLC Region Converter

A tool to convert free DLC for a 2005 PSP game between regions, so one can play all available content within a single-region release of the game. A description of how it works under the hood, as well as full source code is also included.

February 2021

Bytes vs unicode codepoint handling in Python 3

Comparing Python 2's and Python 3's philosophy of unicode string handling, the upsides and the downsides as well as how other languages such as Rust deal (or not deal) with the problem, and how "counting bytes", "counting characters" and "counting on-screen glyphs" are totally different things.

March 2021

WipEout Pulse Ship Skin Editor 1.0.0 released

A new tool is available that restores ship skin editing functionality for a 2007 PSP game, which had a Flash-based ship skin editor years ago. Create your own team skins! Full source code available on Github, binaries on itch.io.

July 2021

WipEout Pulse Ship Skin Editor 1.0.1 released

This is a bugfix update to my custom ship skin editor. It fixes export issues with the "Mirage" team as well as adds a few wishlist items like command-line parsing and batch mode among other quality-of-life improvements.

August 2021

chro.mono is now open source

In 2013 I created a small color puzzle with circles called chro.mono. The cleaned up source code for this game is now available as open source for porting, studying and playing.

chro.mono version 1.1.1 released

This update replaces a CC-Sampling+ sound effect with a different CC0-licensed sound effect for DFSG compatibility.

September 2021

WipEout PSP WAD Utility 1.0.0 released

A script and associated lookup table to work with WAD data files as found in the PSP WipEout games (Pulse and Pure) and their respective DLCs. This can be used to extract, inspect and update files easily.

December 2021

Loonies 21.0.0 released

An enhanced version of my 2018 game "Loonies 8192" with new visual artwork, a new soundtrack and modern amenities is now available for download on Itch.io (DOS, Windows, Android, PS Vita).

Why WipEout Pulse custom skins are named 16034453

Custom ship skins in the 2007 PSP game "WipEout Pulse" have a file named 16034453 that contains the texture data for that ship. This value has a specific meaning.

Thomas Perl · 2021-12-28