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January 2020

PSNee on a SCPH-9002

To ease homebrew development and play out-of-region games, let's add a modchip to a SCPH-9002. Of course, a MM3-based one would be cheaper and more efficient, but it's more of an educational project, with Arduinos and stuff.

March 2020

PSX Serial to USB Adapter

Porting homebrew games means testing games on real hardware. For consoles like the PSX where the medium of choice is CD-ROM, it makes sense to upload code with a serial adapter during development to increase iteration speed and avoid coasters.

Pi Zero in a PSX Case: TV-Out

What better way to spend an afternoon than to solder some pins on a fruit-based single-board computer and hook it up to even older hardware of the last century? Exactly.

May 2020

Running Red Hat 8 from 2002 on Linux 5.7.0-rc3 from 2020

Where we try to run old userland with new kernel land and see which assumptions still hold, and where the userland vs. kernel land API breaks (hint: it's fixed-sized buffers). But hey, even audio and X11 still work.

December 2020

The WAD file format of WipEout Pure and Pulse (PSP)

Figuring out the structure of data files in old handheld games, which will in turn allow things like DLC conversion, analysis, extraction and other fun things like a skin editor (eventually!).

Filename hashing in WipEout Pure/Pulse WAD files

In which we finally figure out how 32-bit integer "names" and filenames are related to each other, so that we may (in some form) figure out the original file names contained within game data files.

Thomas Perl · 2020-12-24